Orlando & Disney/Universal Area

The Clermont Clay Loop

For a unique and more rural (for Florida) running experience, run the Clermont Clay 10-mile loop. Located 25 miles west or Orlando across Lake Louis State Park, this is a nice opportunity for a long run on a pretty dirt road, passing farmland and a more pastoral landscape. And, it’s a bit hilly! This is a destination run for runners and athletes from near and far.

The main run is 10 miles. Head out 5 Mile Road for… 5 miles, and for the back half, right on Schofield Rd. Can also do the loop the reverse way, starting on Schofield. For a shorter option, just do an out and back on 5 Mile Rd.  Bring water, as the road is exposed and there are no facilities. There’s a popular road race run in October. Info.

  • Full route is 10 miles (15 km). Can also do an out and back for shorter mileage
  • 262 feet
  • 5 Mile Rd.
  • Car needed to get here