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Palmer Park is one of the best opportunities to get in some ‘mesa’ running near the city. The 737-acre park has about 25 miles of trails, of varying difficulty, on a mesa overlooking Colorado Springs. There are great views. The trails range from easy to challenging, a factor of hilliness rather than footing. The easier, flatter trails for running are Greencrest, Grandview, Mesa, and the Meadows area. There are also some gravel roads within the park. Palmer Park also has several fields, numerous picnic areas, and a botanical reserve. Note: the trails overlap a lot, so it’s helpful to have map in hand.

This map is helpful to get the layout and ranges of trail difficulty.

  • 25 miles of trails
  • Trails range from flatter/easier to hilly and more challenging
  • Depends on trail chosen -- see park map for trailheads
  • Gates at Maizeland Blvd. or Paseo Rd. The park is 5 miles northeast of downtown