Corvallis, OR

Oregon State University Campus

A tour of the University of Oregon campus is one of the best running options in downtown Corvallis. The campus features many sidewalked streets and pedestrian paths, lined with trees and stately brick buildings, and is a designated Historic District. The long stretches of SW 30th Street and SW Campus Way are some of the favorite straight shots, but exploring any of the intertwining pathways can be fun. A loop around the main part of campus is about 2 miles. You can also run around the area of the athletics complex south of SW Washington Way, including a terrific running track at the Whyte Track and Field Center.

Add-Ons: For more downtown area running east of campus, runners could continue east along Madison Ave and through Central Park to meet the Willamette River Path, or use 26th Street or 15th Street to head south into Pioneer Park (all are about .5 mile from central campus). For more pastoral/trail running west of campus, head west on Campus Way to the Irish Bend covered bridge, then continue out the Midge Cramer Path to Bald Hill Natural Area (6 miles out and back).

  • Up to 6 miles out and back with additional options
  • 45 feet
  • McNary Field
  • SW Campus Way