Costa del Sol, Spain

Fuengirola Seafront Promenade

Wikimedia Commons: Tyk

An attractive seafront promenade runs for 7 km between Fuengirola and Caraval, with wonderful views the whole way. It’s similar in nature to the several other seafront promenades on the Coata del Sol. The wide, palm-lined path runs right along the beach, and has a festive feel, with numerous hotels, restaurants, recreational spots, and other diversions along the way. A good add-on is the paved 2 km out and back path along the Fuengirola River (Río).

From the center of Fuengirola, the Paseo Marítimo Rey de España path goes for 2 km west to the Castillo Sohail, a 10th century Moorish castle. The path then extends for 5 km east of Fuengirola along Playa Fuengirola, to Torreblanca, ending at Playa Caraval. A separate path runs along Playa Caraval for another 1 km. One bonus feature of this route is that a train runs just north of the N-340, so it’s possible to run one-way and hop the train (or a bus) back to Fuengirola.  (Note: the beach sand is soft, and grainy near the water…not great for running). Some landmarks along the way:

0 km: West end of path at Castillo Sohail. Option: River path add-on
1 km: Parque De La Fantasia (some nice additional paths)
2 km: Fuengirola Center and Port
3.7 km: Monumento a La Peseta
5 km:  Torreblanca
6.8 km: Caraval. Brief road connection to Playa Caraval, and additional ~1 km path along the beach.

Add-On: Paved path along the Río Fuengirola, 2km out and back.

  • Up to 6.8 km (4.3 miles) one-way
  • Flat
  • Any point on promenade. West end is 2 km west of Fuengirola; East end is Caraval
  • Numerous access points along the way. A train runs between Fuengirola and Caraval, as do buses