Costa del Sol, Spain

Málaga – La Concepción Botanical Gardens, Park, Nearby Trails

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For a bucolic run among a gorgeous array of flora and fauna, head just north of Málaga center to its historic La Concepción Botanical Gardens and Forest Park.  Dating back to 1855, the collection of 1,000 species includes monumental woods, a collection of palm trees and the aquatic plants. There are also some important historical buildings. Enjoy a run along the numerous paths, which are nearly 1.5 km lengthwise, or on the gravel road/path just to the west of the garden in La Concepción park that continues to a path overlooking a reservoir (2 km one-way). The gardens can get crowded, so if running try to go at off-peak times and stick to some of the less trodden paths. Note: designated open/close times and admission fee.

Trail Running in the Area: There are also some terrific trails and untrafficked gravel roads in the hills just to the west (i.e. Camino de Mendelín). Hard to map, but they’re hilly and go for many km. To the east of the La Concepción is the massive Montes de Málaga Natural Park. This is hilly, challenging trail running. The area is also popular for cycling and hiking


  • Trails in La Concepción are up to 2 km lengthwise. Plus many km of trail running paths in the area
  • Hilly -- 81m (267 feet) in La Concepción path
  • Botanical Gardens or La Concepción park
  • 5 km north of Málaga center