Akamas Peninsula National Park

Glen Bowman

The Akamas Peninsula National Park, which covers 230 km² on the western part of Cyprus, is known for its valleys, gorges, wide sandy bays, and wildlife diversity. This large park is not hugely developed for visitors, and some sections are quite remote.

The best running options are a series of nature trails, some of which are more appropriate for hiking. This excellent link has detailed information on each trail — length, level of difficulty, map, GPS coordinates, and route description. The trails with a difficulty of 2 or less might be more runnable. Our recommendations are: Aphrodite Trail on the northeast coast, which starts at the famous Baths of Aphrodite; and the more interior Smigies Trail. One can also do many km of running on the myriad roads within the park. They are not highly trafficked, although they can get remote, are exposed, and there are no facilities such as water or restrooms.



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