Limassol: Dasoudi Beach to Limassol Old Port

Michael Rivers

There is one of two great coastal runs in Limassol. A gorgeous beach path starts from just north of the Cyprus Tourism Information Office in Dasoudi Beach and goes for 6 km south to the Old Port. A beautiful sea view takes you through the wonderful Dasoudi forest with the sound of the sea waves as your backdrop before getting back onto the main pedestrian walkway all the way to Limassol Old Port. It is also possible to do this run right on the beach, as the shoreline sand is firm, very runnable and with only a slight camber.

Bonus Feature: There’s a  300m public running track opposite the beach. A cool feature is the footpath bridge which is partly built above the running track, offering an incredible panoramic view of the Limassol sea. Easy parking near the track.

Longer Run: Combine this with the coastal path from La Isla to St. Raphael resort. That route is 5.5 km with an option to run up the hill path to the Amathus ruins. La Isla is ~2 km north of Dasoudi Beach — there is no coastal path but there is a wide cycle path on the main road that’s very runnable. So, this total route would be ~14 km one-way. You could do the route one-way and hop a bus back!

By Michael Rivers
Limassol Running Coach and Local Running Guide.


  • 6 km (3.7 miles) one-way; Option to conbine w/La Isla-St. Raphael coastal route
  • Flat
  • North end: Dasoudi Beach, near the Tourism office; South end: Limssaol Port
  • Parking available at either end; Bus runs along the main road, the B1