Limassol Coastal Run with Amathus Option

Michael Rivers

One of the most beautiful runs in Cyprus is the coastal path between La Isla and the San Raphael resort, with an optional jaunt up a hill to the ancient ruins of Amathus. Starting from the public car park located next to La Isla cafe, there is a pdestrian-only beach path that takes you all the way to St. Raphael Resort. The path crosses several wooden bridges with the sea below you, a very magical experience for anyone visiting Limassol for the first time. Stay on the beach path as indicated on the map until you get to St Raphael Resort which is where the beach path comes to an end. There is a wonderful on the beach sand cafe at this point for a cool drink before making your return to the start. Bonus: Lit at night!

Option: Beach Run. Nearly the entire route can be done as a beach run. The sand is firm and the beach is excellent for running.

OPTION: Amathus Ruins. At approx 2.9 km into the run (from the southern start), there is a left turn that goes under the main road and brings you onto the trail to Acropolis. If you are up for a hill challenge, we highly recommend you do it. The hill is a wide path rocky trail, very firm underfoot. At the top of the hill, which is ~900m climb, there is the Ancient ruins of Amathus, an entire village which dates back some 10,000 years. The sea view from here is breathtaking and one of the best viewpoints in Limassol to watch the sun rise and set. This adds 3.6 km out and back.

Longer Run: Can be combined with coastal route from Dasoudi Beach (2 km south of La Isla on runnable bike path on the B1) to Limassol Old Port. That route is 6 km, or a total of ~14 km one-way (+3.6 km with Amathus spur!).

By Michael Rivers
Limassol Running Coach and Local Running Guide


  • 5.5 km (3.4 miles) one-way. Amathus spur adds 3.6 km out and back (hilly!)
  • Flat -- unless you do the 900m hill to Amathus!
  • South end: La Isla; North End: St. Raphael Resort
  • Car parks at either end