Limassol: Sea Lovers Run – Lady’s Mile Beach

Michael Rivers

If you are a lover of the sea, this is a wonderful seashore run. This run is nearly entirely on the beach. Lady’s Mile beach is a very different experience from the beaches in the Limassol tourist area.  Being a few miles out of the city, there are amazing sea views and a unique view of Limassol city. It’s also very pretty at night to see the city lit up. During off season and weekdays, it’s as close as you will get to having your own private beach experience in Limassol. Opposite the beach is large open space with amazing salt lakes, and depending on the season this is a nature bird watching attraction. Warning; do not attempt to take your car anywhere near the salt lakes to get a closer look at the birds, even with four wheel drive you will get stuck! Every year many, many tourists (and locals) make this mistake.

The Westerly end of the beach and the first 2.5 km are on firm beach sand. The eastern end of the beach is more pebbly for ~1.5 km, where supportive trail shoes might be helpful. If you find the pebbles too hard going, simply make that your turn point for a very magical 5k beach run. There are many beachfront cafes along your route to rest and enjoy the magical sea view.

By Michael Rivers
Limassol Running Coach and Local Running Guide


  • 8.3 km (5.1 miles) out and back
  • Flat
  • West end: end of the beach; East end: near MyMall
  • East End: take the #30 bus to MyMall, 0.5 km from the beach; Western end: Free parking next to beachside cafe