Denver, Colorado

Near Denver: Mount Falcon Trail, Waterton Canyon, White Ranch Open Space

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Denver is a sprawling city, and the terrain changes quite dramatically as one heads toward the foothills and the mountains. Here are a few recommendations of some scenic, easy-to-moderate trail running within 1/2 hr. drive of Denver.

Mount Falcon Trail, Morrison

27 miles from Denver. Mount Falcon Park is based around the ruins of the John Brisben Walker mansion, located near the top of Mt. Falcon. Good trail running and hiking options here.

Park and Trail Information

Waterton Canyon

Eastern terminus of famed Colorado Trail. You can run all the way to Durango! Best option here, also popular with cyclists and walkers, is the 6-mile wide gravel trail along the South Platte River to Strontia Springs Dam. Mile markers and restrooms. Likely to see bighorn sheep!

Waterton Canyon Info and Trail Map

White Ranch Open Space

In Golden, 25 miles northwest of Denver. Gorgeous open park with 20+ miles of trails. Gateway to the Rockies. Possible to do a 12-mile loop.

Information and Trail Map