Detroit, MI

Dequindre Cut Greenway

Wikimedia Commons

The Dequindre Cut Greenway is another great off-road running option in downtown Detroit. Known as the ‘Dequindre Cut’, this nearly 2 mile off-road path runs below street level from Milliken State Park on Atwater Ave. (Riverwalk trail), heading away from the river, to Mack Ave., paralleling St. Aubin St. The greenway follows the former Grand Trunk Railroad line, passing numerous interesting buildings, through a section of the Eastern Market, and features a nice canopy at the Wilkins Street Plaza. One interesting feature is a series of 16 murals along the Greenway, referred to as the Art Walk. (Map of Murals). The Dequindre Cut can be run as a standalone ~3.5 mile out and back, or as an easy add-on to the Riverwalk path.

Add-Ons: Off the cut to the east is Elmwood Central Park (access path at Pembridge Pl. off the Greenway). At Lafayette Plaisance Park, west of the Greenway (access path path at Cherboneau Pl.), there are nice paths and views of apartment buildings and townhomes designed by Mies van der Rohe.



  • 3.2 miles out and back; Can add on with Elmwood Central Park, Riverwalk Path
  • Flat
  • South end: Atwater Ave. at Milliken State Park; North End: Mack Ave.
  • Numerous Entrances