About Great Runs Stories

Great Runs’ mission has always been ambitious, but simple; be the ultimate guide to the best places to run in the world’s major cities and destinations. As we continue to work tirelessly toward that mission, we are also ready to expand our running content into new areas.

Our New Mission: We want to hear your greatest running stories!

If there are 2 things we know about our rapidly growing audience, it’s that you love running and that you have a TON of great stories about running. We want to feature your Great Runs Stories on our website. Do you have a story to share?
We are giving you a platform to tell a story about experiences you’ve had while running. We’d love to hear from you. Use the form below to tell us your best running story:

  • A story about a particularly interesting place you’ve run. Something scenic, interesting, or wonderful in some way, anywhere in the world. Where was it? How long was it? What made it special?
  • Be sure to make it about you and your experience whether it was a great or not-so-great run! Maybe it was a zen-like sunset run on a beach in Bali, or frigid run on a windy -20° day along an icy trail in Moscow when you almost got frostbite.
  • Photos are encouraged, but not necessary. If you can find photos online from that running route, great, send them our way with your story. Did you take your own photos from that run that you can share? Even better!
  • The best stories are ones that our readers can relate to, so please describe your experience and running route in detail. Tell us how to find it. Tell us what you saw and what we should look for or what we should avoid if we decide to go check that run out.

We’ve got some Great Runs Stories already up on our website. Check them out for some inspiration!

Submit Your Story

We’d prefer if your stories are between 200 and 1,500 words. We will need your name and e-mail address. You can decide whether we use your full name, or just a first name i.e. “Lisa from Louisville”, plus a short bio (if you’d like)

We reserve the right to do minor editing (spelling, grammar, etc.) before publishing the story.

Not all stories will be published, so make sure you pay attention to the guidelines above and give it your best shot!