Dhaka, Bangladesh

Chandrima Udyan (Moonlight Park)

Creative Commons: Nahid Sultan

The spacious grounds of Chandrima Udyan, the park and grounds around the Bangladesh National Parliament and the Prime Minister’s residence, make for a memorable run. A wide, grand path leads to this huge legislative building, which has a grand modernist architecture. A loop around the park and complex grounds can be 2-3 km. For a longer run, we recommend combining this route with our Dhanmondi Lake run, which is 1 km south using the [unpleasant but runnable] Mirpur Rd. Combined, this would be ~10-11 km.

  • Chandrima Udyan Loop & road to Dhanmondi Lake: 5.6 km (3.7 miles); Dhanmondi Lake Loop: ~4.2 km (2.6 miles)
  • Flat
  • Chandrima Udyan or Dhanmondi Lake Park