Dominican Republic

El Malecón de Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is a bustling city, but runners can find a slice of peace along the oceanfront walkway of Autopista 30 de Mayo/Avenue George Washington. The red and green painted cement boardwalk runs for about 6.5 miles (10 km) between the intersection of Nordessa II in the west to Playa Montesinos in the west. While traffic to the north of the path is rather heavy, the south facing view features beaches, endless ocean vistas, and a border of shady palm trees. Runners can hop on the path at any point for an out and back. You can also hop on a metro as far west as Estación Centro de los Héroes. And don’t miss an opportunity to snap a social media photo with the giant #MaleconSD sign at the corner of Av. George Washington and Calle Roberto Schomburg. Send it to us @greatruns!

Add-On/Variety. You can combine this with the Parque Mirador linear park path, which is ~1 km north of the Malecón. It parallels the western half or the Malecón route.

  • Up to 10 km (6.5 miles) one way
  • 44 meters (143 feet)
  • Autopista 30 de Mayo/Avenue George Washington
  • Estación Centro de los Héroes