Dubrovnik, Croatia

Great Views Run Above Park Orsula

Wikimedia Commons

The road above the old Hotel Belvedere and Orsula Beach offers some good car-free running in Dubrovnik, with great views of the water. A good starting point is Jacob Church (Sveti Jakov), and head south on the un-named road until it runs into the D8 (highway). This part of the road is closed to traffic. It’s just shy of 2 km one-way.

For a longer run, continue north of Seveti Jakov, along Ul. Frana Supila, towards the Poce Gate (Vrata Od Ploča) to the old city. There are cars, but a wide enough sidewalk/shoulder that makes it safe for running. The total road between the D8 and the Gate is 3.5 km (2.2 miles), and is a gradual downhill heading north. Great views as you head toward the old city.


  • Car-free section is nearly 2 km. Entire route is 3.5 km (2.2 miles) between the end of the road and Poce Gate
  • 228 feet
  • Ploce Gate, Sveti Jakov, or south end at D8