Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik Long Run

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This run combines the best of several other routes in the Dubrovnik area to make for a 12k (7.5 mile) “highlights” tour. As we’ve mentioned, it’s difficult to run inside (or along) the city walls, so we’ve put together this route just outside the city, combining a section along the water, a tour of Babin Kuk, and the lovely trails of Forest Park Velika and Mala Petka (Petka Hill). See our routes for those areas for a more detailed description.

A good place to start is around the main bus station or the ferry terminal. It’s on the east side of the bay, a couple of km north of the Old City gates. Run south for a 1.5 km to the tip of the bay, and at the shopping center, turn right on Nikole Tesle St. (yes, him!) and head north along the road and promenade along the water, on the Lapad Peninsula. This now matches the route around Babin Kuk. Run for another 3.5 km around the bay. Just past the Hotel Presidente, at the 5 km mark (Hotel Neptune), there’s an 0.5 km jaunt out toward the water along Ul. Ul Kardinala Stepinca., with lovely views. Return and then take the waterside promenade (Šetalište Nika i Meda Pucića) for 2.2 km south to the Palace Hotel. At the hotel, find your way onto the paths of Park Velika and Mala Petka. It’s a steep 100 foot climb, before things level out. Head east along the park paths for nearly 1.5 km, and exit onto Ul. Ivanska and then Ul. od Batale, for about 1 km, and retrace your steps back north to the bus station.

Shorter Option: You can save about 2 km by avoiding the park section. At the 7 km mark, rather than heading south along Masarykov Put toward the Palace, take a LEFT on the Kralja Zvonimira promenade, and then take Ul. Dalmatinska south to rejoin the Lapadska Obala and retrace your steps back to the start.

Babin Kuk Run  Velika and Mala Petka Details


  • 12 km (7.5 miles). Shorter option saves about 2 km
  • 740 feet
  • Dubrovnik main bus station
  • Bus station and also near ferry terminal. About 3 km north of old city gates