Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik Old Town and City Walls

Wikimedia Commons

Running inside the city gates is both difficult and not encouraged. But, if you go early or during less crowded times, it is possible to do a hilly, twisty-turny run in Old Town. We don’t proscribe a particular route — rather, create your own run in and out of the narrow streets. See map. Note that there are hills and stairs, lots of people, and most streets are short. But it can be fun, and possibly combine with the Srd. Hill above the old town, usingĀ Od Srda.

Another temptation is to run along the City Walls, since it’s a very popular 2 km walk. Two hitches here: one must pay to get in, and they’re only open limited hours, so you’ll be fighting the crowds and likely be prohibited from running. BUT, if you’re somehow able to sneak your way on, during a less crowded time, this could be a unique one!

City Walls Walk Information


  • Design your own route
  • Anywhere in Old Town
  • Numerous gates to Old Town