Duluth, MN

Lakeside Neighborhood: Lester Park, Amity Park, Parkways

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The Lakeside/Lester Park neighborhood features some really nice variety for running in Duluth. There are quiet residential streets with nice homes, trails in Lester Park, Amity Park, and the Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve, and a great opportunity for a 10k parkway road run on roads with little traffic. Some recommendations:

Parkway 10k: This 6-mile run is a triangle loop using Seven Bridges Rd., from Lester Park (often closed to cars) following Amity Creek, then back down along E. Skyline (note: no shoulder but generally little traffic). A short section on busier Glenwood St., but use the quieter and prettier Oneida St., completing the loop on Occidental Blvd. Note: Hilly.

Trail Running: There are extensive trails in Lester Park (9+ miles of hiking and mountain biking trails) and Amity Park, popular with mountain bikers. Note: Some sections are hilly and more challenging. Be on the lookout for bikes.  Trail Map & Info.

Road/Path Running: Some very nice, long, residential streets with little traffic, between E. Superior Ave. and Hawk Ridge. Just south of E. Superior Ave., section of the Lakewalk Trail passes through this neighborhood. See our route there!

  • Parkway run is 10k
  • Parkway run is 480 feet (146m); Trails are hilly
  • Depends on route chosen