Durban, South Africa

Glenwood to Morningside

More great neighborhood running in Durban can be found just west of the city center, between the Glenwood and Morningside neighborhoods. Here you’ll find pleasant sidewalks, attractive homes, and park-like greenery to keep things interesting.

We’ve mapped a 13 km sample route from Hammond Cricket Field using Stephen Dlamini Rd. out and Musgrave Rd. back, but we recommend exploring this area with a DIY run. Some favorite locations include Innes Road/Musgrave Road and Lena Ahrens Road/Stephen Dlamini Road. The area surrounding the Durban Botanic Gardens is also quite nice. Basically, any north to south route between these neighborhoods makes for a great run.

  • Sample route is a 13 km (8 miles) loop
  • 138 meters (454 feet)
  • Hammond Cricket Field
  • Rick Turner Road