Durban, South Africa

Umhlanga Rocks Drive

When it comes to road running in Durban, the local favorite route is Umhlanga Rocks Drive. This stretch of M12 through Durban North climbs a scenic ridgeline from Durban North to Umhlanga, with great views across the valley below. Runners will find a brick or asphalt sidewalk for much of the journey.

Although the full route is 9 km between Kenneth Kaunda Road in the south and Lighthouse Road in the north, there are two separate sections that make for the best running. The first is from Kingston Road to the top of the hill near Burne Crescent (2 km). After Burne Crescent, the sidewalk disappears as the road runs through a commercial area. Another good section is from the BP gas station at Sagewood Way to Somerset Drive (2 km). There are also some nice sidewalks between Somerset Drive and Lighthouse Road (4 km) — just beware the busy street crossings.

Add-Ons: Nearby, the Durban North/Glen Ashley/Glen Hills neighborhoods make for nice residential running.

  • Up to 9 km (5.5 miles) one way; See our description for the best sections
  • 74 meters (242 feet)
  • Kenneth Kaunda Road or Lighthouse Road
  • Kenneth Kaunda Road or Lighthouse Road