Düsseldorf, Germany

Gerresheim Village and Hills

Wikimedia Commons

Only 7 km west of Düsseldorf and accessible by transport, this is a nice opportunity to see a quaint village and run on some more rural roads and trails, through farmland and woods. The route is inspired by Keith Hauser of joggingroutes.org.

From the Rathaus U-Bahn station, you’ll do a quick tour of the village, past city hall and along the tree-lined Steinweig, then left on Quadenhofstraße. Now starts the hilly part of the route, as you run up the path toward the radio tower. Keep the creek to your left, in the wooded Rotthäuser Bachtal. At the 4 km mark, LEFT on Schäperschof, then LEFT on Rotthäuser Weg, then back to town on Quadenhofstraße. There are some other trail options in the Rotthäuser Bachtal.

  • 8.1 km (5 mile) loop
  • 483 feet
  • Gerresheim Rathaus U-Bahn
  • U-Bahn: Gerresheim Rathaus