Essen & Duisburg, Germany

Botanischer Garten Grugapark

Grugapark is home to Essen’s magnificent botanical gardens, as well as a calisthenics park, playing fields, and miles of runnable paved paths. There are a variety of running options throughout the park. Our favorite route starts from the Messe W.-Süd/Gruga U Station, and follows a clockwise loop around the paved perimeter of the park. This 4 km loop passes the calisthenics park, follows the Juistweg road, then turns right along the Luhrmannwald/Kuhlshammerweg. At the north edge of the park, it meets the Borbecker Muhlenbach path and turns right. Turn RIGHT again into the main park entrance and follow the park paths south past the ponds and back to the U stop.

Add-Ons: Many interior paths. See this map.

  • 4 km (2.5 miles) loop (Perimeter)
  • 48 meters (156 feet)
  • Messe W.-Süd/Gruga U Station
  • U11: Messe W.-Süd/Gruga