Essen & Duisburg, Germany

Rheinelbe Area: Multi-Park Route


The quiet parklands of the Rheinelbe, an area of Ückendorf just south of Altstadt, have a multitude of pathways for the adventurous runner to explore. There’s Rheinelbe Park, Von-Wedelstaedt Park, and the Halde Rheinelbe, a former dump turned runnable hill. Most of the parks are connected by a branch of the Emscher Park rail trail (the former Kray-Wanner Bahn/Hollandbahn railway lines). Runners can explore the area at their leisure for a run of any length, but we’ve put together a ~10 km loop that highlights some of the Rheinelbe’s best offerings.

It starts and ends from the Rheinelbestraße tram stop for added convenience. Head south, and reach Von-Wedelstaedt Park at 1.2 km. Continue south, do the 40m hill and stairs of Rheinelbe, and into the Lohrheidestadion, where there’s a running track. Loop back on the western side, paralleling the 227 through Rheinelbe Park.


  • 10 km (6.5 miles) loop, but many options to vary
  • 70 meters (229 feet)
  • Rheinelbestraße Tram Stop
  • Rheinelbestraße Tram Stop