Essen & Duisburg, Germany

Schloß Park: Grounds of Borbeck Castle

The Schloß Park, just north of Schönebeck, is a spacious green area surrounding the grounds of the Borbeck Castle  and its adjacent abbey. The area is dotted with historic buildings and speedy asphalt pathways. The paths are a combination of landscaped palace grounds and forested trails. To the north, there are a couple of small ponds while streams and forest paths reach to the south. A loop around the grounds is only about 3 km, but runners can find a large network of paths through parks and preserves just to the south at Grüne Wege Schluchtstraße and the Trautmann Arboretum.

  • 3 km (1.8 miles)
  • 25 meters (83 feet)
  • Essen Borbeck Bus Stop/Station
  • Essen Borbeck Bus Stop/Station