Fargo, ND

Buffalo River State Park

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Buffalo River State Park is a highly recommended ‘destination’ run in the Fargo area. Located 14 miles directly east of Fargo, the park features 13 miles of trails winding through one of Minnesota’s finest and largest remnant prairies. It’s trail running, but the trails are mostly flat and have a mowed grass surface. There’s lots of wildlife, 200 species of birds, and more than 250 species of wildflowers and grasses.

This map has excellent information on the different trails and distances. The 2.2-mile Prairie View Trail is among the highlights. Combine that with the 2-mile Bluestem Trail for a longer loop. The 3-mile River View Trail is another nice loop.

  • 13 miles of trails overall. The Prairie View and River View are two popular loop trails
  • Fairly flat
  • Most trails start from parking lot
  • Just off Highway 10. Located 14 miles directly east of Fargo.