Fargo, ND

Red River Paths – East (Moorhead) Side

Wikimedia Commons

On the east side of the Red River in Moorhead (MN), there are also some pleasant multi-use paths for running. Our top pick is to combine the Moorehead Viking Ship Yard Bike Trail and Riverfront Park, which can be done as an out and back or as a loop option combined with the Fargo Mickelson/Tricorn Bike Path on the west (Fargo) side of the river.

The paved Moorehead Viking Ship Yard Bike Trail starts just west of Woodlawn Park off Elm St. Run north along the river, and then enjoy an 0.6 mile loop of Woodlawn Park. Continue north on the bike path for 1/2 mile, passing the Hjemkomst Center, and entering Viking Ship Park. The next mile heads east through Viking Ship Park, Riverfront Park, and Oak Grove Park. At the 3-mile mark you can turn around and retrace your steps, or follow our map for a loop option. Exit Oak Grove Park briefly onto N. Terrace, which connects to the Fargo Mickelson/Tricorn Bike Path, at Wildflower Park. Head south, crossing Main Ave. downtown and into Dike East Park. In Dike West Park, a pedestrian bridge crosses to the east side of the river to return to the start.

Add-On: Combine with our west side Red River route for a longer run.

  • 5 mile (8.1 km) loop
  • Flat
  • In Moorhead (MN) near Woodlawn Park off Elm St.