Fez, Morocco

Fes El Bali ‘Runseeing’

Flickr: Just a Cheeseburger

The streets of Fez’ Medina can be cramped and confusing, but the touristic old city and its historic walls make for a great ‘runseeing’ tour. Runners can start anywhere in the Medina, but the Neues Stadttor Parking area is a good starting landmark. No cars are allowed within the Medina, making this large pedestrian area a safe place to explore on foot. Our route continues counter-clockwise, through Place R’cif, then cuts north over to Bab Guissa. The route continues west to Blue Gate. After Blue Gate, runners can pass through Bab Riafa to the Jnan sbil, a beautiful public garden surrounding the Oued Zbal. There is plenty to explore in this area, from the Royal Palace, to the Alaouites Garden, to several more gates. Once runners reach the Semmarin Medina Gate, they can follow Route Bab Jiaf back east to the start. Our loop is nearly 8 km, with some fantastic hill work thrown into the mix.

  • 8 km (5 miles)
  • 107 meters
  • Neues Stadttor
  • Bin Mohammad Upper Station