Fez, Morocco

Forêt d’ain Chkef

Google: Natasha Hess

Some of the best running in Fez is located in the Forêt d’ain Chkef, just south of the city center. Here, runners can find over 5k of smooth gravel and dirt pathways shaded by dense tree cover. A great option on a hot day! The main loop around the park is 3.7 km, and follows along the Oued Ain-Chqef for most of the way. There are also a number of scenic benches where runners can stop and enjoy the views, but there are also plenty of side trails to extend the route. Runners who wish to arrive from the center of Fez can do so via the Route Ain Chqef, which adds approximately 3 km. 

  • 5 km (3 miles)
  • 47 meters (154 feet)
  • Route Ain Chqef
  • Zaytoun Bus Stop