Flagstaff, AZ

Downtown Flagstaff / Northern Arizona University Tour

Flagstaff is a smallish city, with a grid-like street system and widespread, well-kept sidewalks. Composing a DIY run in the downtown area is easy to do, but we’ve put together a 4 mile tour of central Flagstaff and Northern Arizona University that includes street art, commercial areas, and cute downtown residences. The route starts out near the Amtrak station on San Francisco Street and heads north to Heritage Square. Turn LEFT onto Birch Ave, then cross LEFT again onto Sitgreaves in front of the library. Turn LEFT onto Aspen, then RIGHT onto Beaver Street. When you reach the University, use Dupont to cross over to Knowles. Follow Knoles south through campus then turn LEFT onto McConnell past the Skydome. Then, turn LEFT onto San Francisco to return to the start.

  • 4 miles
  • 89 feet
  • Flagstaff Amtrak Station
  • Amtrak Train/Bus Stop