Flagstaff, AZ

Lake Mary Road

Lake Mary Road is something of a legend for Flagstaff runners. For those looking to pound out their mileage on a long paved road, the wide shoulder of Lake Mary Road heading south out of Flagstaff is the go-to. Not to mention, the scenery surrounding this street is second to none. Near town, the north end of Lake Mary Road begins near the intersection of Routes 40 and 17, continuing south for over 50 miles to Route 87. However, the prime cut of road for running is the roughly 5 mile section along the banks of Lake Mary itself. The northern start of this is about 13 miles south of town. Here, runners can find plenty of parking at picnic areas, as well as trailheads, boat launches, and other hot spots of Flagstaff recreation.

  • We've mapped the 5.6 miles (9km) along Lake Mary. The road itself goes for 50 miles!
  • 95 feet (for the 5.6 mile route)
  • Lake Mary Road
  • Lake Mary Road