Florence, Italy

Gardens and Wellness Run

Just north of Florence’s historic center and near the airport, there are some pleasant parks for running, in relative proximity and accessible via public transport. Can combine with a run through the main part of Sesto, a municipality of Florence worth seeing. Rather than a specific route, here’s a quick guide to the highlights. One exciting add-on is to combine with a visit to the Asmana Wellness Center, where for a day pass you can enjoy their pools, a spa treatment, restaurants and bars.

Run in Parco Villa Solara, pleasant paths 1 kmĀ  around Via Gramsci. Then enjoy Park Villa dei Marchesi Gerini just to the north, and the smaller Oliveta. Then use Via Gramsci for a tour through the main part of Sesto.

4km to the west is the Asmana Wellness Center, and the adjoining Villa Montalvo And Ragnaia, a pleasant park with 2 km of paths around the perimeter.



  • See description for info on paths around the parks
  • Zambra train station; Area served by bus. Bus along Via Gramsci