Florence, Italy

Arno River Run

Running along the Arno River in Florence can be a spectacular experience–especially if you go before 8am before the crowds line the walkways. The Arno flows east-west and divides Florence into the Centro Storico (historic center) to the north and the hillier, less crowded Oltrarno (“over the Arno”) to the south. In the central part of Florence, the Arno River walkways are tree-lined and spacious, and the bridges provide great views of the city. Further afield, there are gravel paths along the water. Below is our guide to the best sections for running along the river, with distance options. Ponte alle Grazie is a good starting point.

Heading west from Ponte alle Grazie: Up to 9km on the north Side. Good walkways along here on northern and southern side of river, to Cascine Park. Go early to do this section! Once in the park, can run through the park, or nice river paths on the south side. West of the park, best running on north side gravel paths. From Ponte alle Grazie (km/mi):

Ponte Vecchio:           0.5/0.3
Ponte Santa Trinita:  0.75/0.5
Ponte alla Carraia:     1.0/0.6
Amerigo Vespucci:    1.4/0.9
S667/P.Veneto/Beginning of park: 2.2/1.4
Passarellla dell’Issolotto/Cascine Park:  3.8/2.3  (can cross over to south side)
End of Park/Monumento All’Indiano (north side): 5.7/3.6
E35. 9.1/5.7

Heading East from Ponte alle Grazie: On the north side, nice running for nearly 1 km to Piazza Piave. Then a bit busier for 0.5 km along the main road, then nice waterside paths to San Jacopo al Girone, getting progressively more pastoral. On the south side, the it’s good running for 4 km from Ponte alle Grazie to Via Marco Polo along the main road and then the Viale dell’Albereta. From Ponte alle Grazie east (km/mi) on north side:  (South side is nice for 4 km up to the Via Marco Polo)

Piazza Piave: 0.7/0.5
Ponte Paolo Borsellino: 3.7/2.3
San Jacopo al Girone: 6.6/4.1 Dirt Path.

Add-Ons: Trails in Cascine Park; Run up to Piazza Michelangelo

  • From Ponte alle Grazie, it's 5.7k to the end of the park, and and 9.1 km total. Can also run up to 6.6 km east from the bridge
  • About 100 foot gain in either direction
  • Ponte alle Grazie, or any other point
  • Good bus access on either side. Light rail in central sections