Fort Worth, Texas

Overton Park and Oakmont Park

Google Street View (Robert Ray Photography)

Some good running options in western Fort Worth, also part of the Trinity Trails, are Overton Park and Oakmont Park.

Overton Park to Kellis Park. 2.7 miles one-way. The western branch of the Trinity Trail system features a paved, multi-use path connecting several parks. The north end of the 2.7 mile path starts in Overton Park, and runs through Hartwood Park, Foster Park, and Kellis Park. ROUTE MAP

Oakmont Park. Western part of Fort Worth, just south of I-20.  A section of the Trinity Trail system has ~3 miles of nice trails in a pretty park and hilly residential area. The path runs west to the Art Cowsen Trailhead, Pecan Valley Golf Course, and Dutch Branch Park.