Fukuoka, Japan

Ohori Park

Flickr: Jpellgen

Ohori Park is a huge green space near the bay in north-central Fukuoka, and one of the city’s premier running spots. There are a number of route options, but the circuit around the pond is the most popular option. Joggers should follow the yellow rubber-chip path — other paths are designated for walkers and cyclists. One loop around the pond is about 1.2 miles, but the .5 mile path through the center of the pond is a great addition.

Longer Run: Venture east onto the paths of Maizuru Park, near the ruins of the Fukuoka castle. There’s a running track there. Runners can also easily travel north on multi-use paths to Nishi Park and the area surrounding the Momochi Seaside Park.

  • 5.3 km (3.3 miles), with options for more
  • 51 meters (167 feet)
  • Ohori Subway Station
  • Ohori Subway Station