Genoa, Italy

Genoa ‘Runseeing’ Tour

Wikimedia Commons

Designing a detailed ‘runseeing’ tour of Genoa can be a bit of a challenge, due to the maze-like layout of the old city. We’ve combined a few popular ‘walking tours’ into a run that incorporates some of the main sights, while minimizing the number of turns.

The first section is a tour of the Old Port, starting at San Giorgio. Do a loop of the Porto Antico, and then head west along the waterfront path to the Maritime Museum. Here, cross the SS1 to the Palazzo Principe, and then head on V. Andrea Doria heading back east to the Monumento a Clombo. Take V. Balbi, passing the Royal Palace Museum, and numerous piazzas. Just past Piazza della Nunziata/Palazzo Nicolò Lomellini/ Congregazione dell’Oratorio, take v. Cairoli to the famed Via Garibaldi, a historic street passing palatial residences and Strada Nuova museums. Here, get to Via Roma by doing a loop around the Oriental Art Museum/Villetta Di Negro Park, or cut through the series of Piazzas, using Salita di S. Caterina. Stay left, toward the water, passing the Opera House, to the grand Piazza De Ferrari and famed Palazzo Ducale. Take a RIGHT on V. San Lorenzo, passing the 12thC  Cattedrale di San Lorenzo, then RIGHT on V. Turati, to complete the run, with the option of dipping over to several piazzas on the right.

Add-Ons: Numerous opportunities to do loops around the piazzas, explore the maze-like streets, and get lost among the alleyways and cobbled paths of Genoa.

  • 7.3 km (4.5 mile) loop
  • 57m (188 feet)
  • San Giorgio
  • Metro: San Giorgio