Ghent, Belgium

Wandelkaart Parkbos

Portaal Grand Noble: Wikipedia

Located 8 km southeast of Ghent, Parkbos is both a great place for some trail running and a work in progress. The long-term plan is for this area to be 1200 hectares of green space. For now, there are several sections that are open, making for some pleasant green running away from the urban area. The attached trail map has some marked loops, ranging from 3 km to 7 km. The most developed area is the Portaal Grand Noble, a loop trail around a castle.

There are also numerous roads in the area, mixture of paved and dirt, that are not used by vehicles and are runnable so long as they’re not closed as part of park development.

Note: We suggest checking the Parkbos website for updates. Even some of the trails already open might be temporarily closed.

  • Depends on trail chosen. Possible to run for many km in this park
  • Varies
  • Depends on trail chosen
  • There is bus access to Portaal Grand Noble