Pittsburgh, PA

Near Airport: Montour Trail

The Pittsburgh International Airport is approximately 20 miles from the downtown area. If you are staying near the airport and want scenic running, you can try the Montour Trail. The six-mile Montour Trail Airport connector Trail was developed in 2012, paralleling I-376 and forking at Enlow Rd. to head south. Boasting many entrance points and places to park, the Montour Trail itself runs 46 miles around the southwest part of Pitsburgh and to some of the neighboring communities. Our route starts at the Imperial trailhead parking lot (8-minute drive from the airport) and follows the trail northeast for 4.15 miles. Scott Road was chosen arbitrarily as a turnaround point. This route also allows you to run through the short Enlow Bike Tunnel. Lots of options to make this a longer or shorter run. If you need to stay near the airport and want to easily access the Montour Trail, stay in one of the hotels south of the airport along I-376 rather than north.

Other good options, further afield:

  • Great Allegheny Passage. Connects with Heritage Trail south, this rail trail continues ~150 miles to Maryland.
  • Riverview Park. 4 miles north of downtown. Some great, hilly trails and a paved 2-mile loop.
  • North Park Lake. Beautiful park, with 5 mile perimeter trail around the lake. 12 miles north of downtown.
  • 8.3 mile RT. Along the Montour Trail from Imperial to Scott Road.
  • Imperial trailhead parking lot (8-minute drive from the airport)