Greensboro, NC

Piedmont Environmental Center

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There are terrific running options in the Piedmont Environmental Center, a 376-acre nature preserve located in High Point. For trail runners, there are 11 miles of trails, mainly through wooded terrain, though there are some sections through wetlands and some open fields. It’s not overly challenging trail running. Some good options are the 2.3 mile Deep River Trail, which passes along High Point Lake, and the 1.8 mile Bill Faver Lakeshore Trail.

For surer footing, a 2.6 mile section of the Bicentennial Greenway passes through the Piedmont Environmental Center, overlapping a bit with some of the other trails.

  • 11 miles of trails, with several loop options
  • Rolling Hills
  • Parking lot is good starting point
  • Parking area off Penny Rd.