Guangzhou, China

Nansha District Running Options

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The relatively newly developed Nansha District, located in the far southern part of Guangzhou, is a worth it spot to escape for a run. The district is home of the port of Guangzhou, as well as the Nansha Wetland Park. There are multiple greenways and running paths in Nansha. It is accessed by the Metro Green Line. Some options:

Jiaomen River. Nice Paths on either side. Use the Sheraton Hotel/Jiaomen Park as an anchor. Near Jinzhou Station.

Southeastern end of the island. Enjoy some nice running around the ferry port, estuary, and Binhai Park. (no metro access). Scenic wetland running.

Huangshanlu Forest Park. Good spot for a trail run. Many paths through this extensive wooded terrain. Hilly! The peak is at 295m, with great views.

Longxue Island. Increasingly being developed as a tourist spot. Some nice roads/greenways along estuaries and paddy fields.



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