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Guangzhou, China

A Guide to the Best Places to Run in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is the capital of of Guandong province and the third largest city in China, with a population of nearly 15 million. The southern Chinese city sits on the Pearl River, 120 km north of the Hong Kong/Shenzen area. Developing a guide for running in Guangzhou is a daunting undertaking, given the city’s massive geography, spread over 11 administrative districts. Our focus is on the more central sections of Guangzhou frequented by business and leisure travelers.

Some of best places to run in Guangzhou center around the Pearl River, with extensive paths on the north and south banks, including Ersha Island and some loops from Huacheng Square. Some nice parks and lakes include Haizhu Lake in the Haizhu District and Tianhe Park in the Tianhe District. There are nice pedestrian paths in the massive University City area, and good running on adjacent Bio Island and Changzhou Island. In the Baiyun District, there’s nice running around Luhu Lake/Park, Yuntai Garden, and the Baiyunshan Scenic Area. In the far south reaches of Guangzhou, there’s some nice running in the Nansha District.

While Guangshou is a huge city, most of our routes are accessible via 15 metro lines and the world’s second largest bus rapid transit system. Note also that Guangzhou’s weather is hot and humid from May though October, with abundant, monsoonal rains.

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Runners should be aware of Guangzhou’s climate, which features several months of hot, humid, and wet weather. From May-October, daily temps average in the 30-33C (low 90sF), with nights that rarely that stay very warm. Two-thirds of days feature rain, which can be monsoonal in nature.The rains can also occasionally affect running paths and trails.  The winter months are warm and drier.

It’s best to try to stay near one of our routes if you want to be able to easily go for a run. Staying somewhere central near the Pearl River is a good bet — or at least near a metro station, since most of our routes accessible via transport.

There are outlets of many running shoe and apparel companies spread throughout Guangzhou.