Guangzhou, China

Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area

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The Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area is an extensive forested area in the Baiyun District, just north of central Guangzhou. It’s a wonderful opportunity for a green escape, with a plethora of running options. There are numerous areas and access points. At the southern gate, enjoy a run through the lovely Yuntai Garden, and then on wide paved paths toward Moxing Ridge (~5 km, hilly). You can also access this from the Luhu Park area as part of a longer run.

At the northern end, enjoy running around a lake and Taohuajian, from the North Gate (parking lot). To walk/run or take a cable car to the Baiyun Mountain summit, use the Northwest Gate near the Xiao-Gang metro station (blue line). You can also run to Moxing Ridge from the North Gate — it’s ~3.5 km and a 210m climb.

We recommend stopping at one of the ticket offices and picking up information and a map.

  • Yuntai Garden is a good starting point at the southern end
  • Xiao-Gang metro station (blue line) for access to cable car/northern area