Hanoi, Vietnam

Hoàn Kiếm Lake & Old Quarter

Pekka Myllyla

The exactly 1 mile loop around Hoàn Kiếm Lake is probably the most popular running spot in Hanoi. The lake is located in the center of Hanoi’s old town, an area bustling with people, vehicles, and narrow streets. It‘s especially pretty at sunrise, and early mornings are resplendent with walkers, joggers, and people doing their tai-chi and stretching exercises. There’s a dedicated path 1 mile around the lake, but some early morning runners choose the perimeter road instead. One highlight of the lake is the Temple of the Jade Mountain, located on a small island reached via a wooden bridge. A side jaunt to Ly Thai To Park  is also fun and filled with flowers.

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For longer, we recommend creating your own run around the maze-like streets of the Old Quarter. It’s almost fun to get lost. You might be dodging people, scooters, and the like, but this is a special area to explore. An extra little jaunt is to run for ~2 km to and across the Long Biên Bridge. This historical bridge, designed by the same people who constructed the Eiffel Tower, is open to pedestrians and light vehicles only, so it’s very runnable.


  • 1.6 km (1 mile) loop, with additional options
  • Flat
  • Served by bus. Nearest subway is Diplomat, ~800m away.