Hanoi, Vietnam

Indira Gandhi Park

Wikimedia Commons

Indira Gandhi Park is a pleasant open space in the center of Hanoi, and a good spot for an off-road run. There are two adjoining lakes where one can put together a pleasant 4 km loop on dedicated walking paths. Hồ Thành Công Lake has a path of 1.25 km, and Dong Da Lake has a path of 2 km. The park, which has some lovely landscaping, is in the Thành Công area and adjoins the National Cinema Center, Au Co Art Center, and numerous cafes.

Add-Ons: Union Park is 2 km to the east (use Xã Đàn) and 5-6 km of pleasant lakeside paths for running.

  • Loop of both lakes is 4 km (2.5 miles)
  • Flat
  • Next to Cinema Center
  • Bus: Láng Hạ