Hanoi, Vietnam

Union Park

Wikimedia Commons

Union Park (Công viên Thống Nhất) is one of our favorite spots for running in Hanoi. One can put together 5-6 km around the park, which features fitness paths, mature trees, and a lake. There are three ‘sections’: the main park and its lakeside path; Thien Quang Lake just to the north, which features a walking path for 1 km around its perimeter, and the Vườn hoa Hồ Ba mẫu Garden and lake just to the east, where one can do a 1 km loop around its perimeter roads.

Add-Ons: Indira Gandhi Park is 2 km to the west (use Xã Đàn) and has a 4 km lakeside path. Spring Palace (Cung Xuân), an event venue that has a nice park and 1.5 km lakeside path, is 1.5 km to the east. Hoàn Kiếm Lake and the Old Quarter are 1.5 km north. The Diplomat Company subway stop sits between Union Park and Hoàn Kiếm.

  • Loop of all paths is ~6.4 km (4 miles)
  • Flat
  • In park. A good starting spot is near the House of Student Culture
  • Bus Access; The Diplomat Company subway stop is 1 km north