Hartford, CT

Elizabeth Park

Elizabeth Park, in West Hartford, is known for its elaborate rose gardens, encircled by miles of paved and gravel paths. One loop around the park’s main way is about 1.8 miles, although you can extend your route by utilizing side paths or completing multiple loops. The East Lawn has a designated running loop of .5 miles. The Western Loop, to the Pond House and back, is a .6 mile track. While running in circles might seem redundant elsewhere, the gardens of Elizabeth Park are so alluring you’ll want to return time and again.

Add-On: Run the 2 miles east to Bushnell Park along some of Hartford’s most important streets, using Asylum Ave. or Farmington Ave.

  • A loop of the park is 1.8 miles, but can be added on.
  • 88 feet
  • Prospect Ave
  • Asylum Ave