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Just across the Mario M. Cuomo sits the village of Nyack, with a lovely setting on the Hudson. There’s some terrific waterfront running here. Our recommendations:

Nyack Beach State Park. Lovely run on a gravel path right along the water, with great views. The path goes for 4.5 miles, but after about 2-3 miles it becomes more wooded and hilly. Good surface. Longer Options: very pleasant run along N. Broadway, featuring gorgeous homes. It’s 2 miles from Main St. to the State Park. Also, in the state park, can connect to Rockland Lake State Park. Take the Rockland Lake Trail at the ~1.5 mile point at Verdreitege Hook.

Rockland Lake State Park. Some nice trails, including a paved 3.2 mile loop around the lake. There’s also a great pool! Run standalone or for a longer run, connect to Nyack Beach State Park (see above), or just west to do the 2.5 mile loop around the lake at Congers Lake Memorial Park.

Congers Lake Memorial Park. Just west of Rockland Lake State Park, this park features a 100-acre lake with a paved, 2.5 mile loop around the perimeter.

Run the Bridge! When the Tappan Zee Bridge was replaced by the Mario Cuomo Bridge, a pedestrian/bicycle path was built, providing a critical connection between the east and west sides of the Hudson River. The distance between the Westchester Landing and Rockland Landing is ~3.5 miles, and there are connector paths from Tarrytown and Nyack on each side.  ROUTE




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Adam Gussow
1 year ago

Although I’ve been living and running in Oxford, Mississippi for the past 20 years, I make a point of revisiting Rockland Lake State Park and taking a run around the lake whenever I drive north and visit my mom (now 93) in Piermont, seven miles south of the park. I grew up in Congers, about a mile from the north entrance to the park; I first ran there exactly fifty years ago, in the summer of 1972, the day after watching the entire men’s Olympic marathon and thrilling at Frank Shorter’s victory. I was 14. “Come on, Dad!” I shouted, lacing up my Keds. “We’re going for a run down by the lake!” I thought about that run yesterday morning as I once again returned–parking in the south parking lot, as I generally do–and did three laps and change for a total of 9 miles. It’s a dead-flat course, the tight loop around the lake, and my Garmin always has it just a shade under three miles. The outer park loop is hilly and more like 3.7 or 3.8 miles. The Sri Chinmoy folks run their “Self-Transcendance Marathon” on the tight flat loop. The park, as far as I can tell, looks almost exactly the same as it did 50 years ago. That is a great thing. It is a classic. It doesn’t need improving. (The huge parking lots at either end are an experiment in what happens when you lay down half a square mile of clean asphalt in the early 1960s and then walk away. They have achieved a certain crumbly prehistoric grandeur.)

Last edited 1 year ago by Adam Gussow