This town in northern Iceland is the country’s second largest urban area and is an important port and fishing center. Surrounded by mountains and sitting on the the western end of the  Eyjafjörður fjord, Akureyri also boasts among the sunnier climates in Iceland. Here are our recommendations for running:

Run Along the Water. There is a mutli-use path along the fjord, with great water and mountain views. Options are 1.9 km from the causeway north, past the cultural center. Add a 1/2 km loop around the lagoon near the N1 gas station. You can also run the nearly 2 km across the causeway (the #1 Ring Road) to the western side mountains — there is a small soft shoulder and not too much traffic if you run early. The path also continues for a couple of km south of the causeway.

Súlur Mountain. This mountain rises above Akureyri and offers numerous hiking and walking paths. The running highlight is a dirt road, generally closed to paths, that runs north along the ridge from the parking area near the top of the ski lifts. Note: in winter this is a lighted ski area.

Path Along the Glerá, River. There is a pleasant paved and gravel path along the river that runs for about 2 km, from the main road just north of the town center, and past the University of Akureyri. MAP.

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