Iceland: Running Highlights

Includes Fabulous Running Routes in Icelends's Popular Visitor Locations, Including the Golden Circle

Answering the question ‘where to run in Iceland’ presents a challenge, since the country’s spectacular geography makes nearly any run a treat (especially if the weather is favorable). So we’ve tried to come up with some highlights for running in Iceland. Our approach: a separate post with 7 great runs in Reykjavik, and then recommendations on the best places to run in some of Iceland’s most popular spots: the ‘Golden Circle‘, HveragerðiAkureyri, Husavik. and Vatnajökull National Park. We’ve also put together a list of ten ‘unique’ running experiences in Iceland. As for the Ring Road, there are many beautiful spots on this main road that circles the island. But be aware that there is rarely any shoulder, so use caution…and don’t run it within 50 km or so of Reykjavik.

There are buses that connect some of the major destinations in Iceland, but a car is nearly a requirement. And be prepared for any type of weather. It rarely exceeds 60F (16C) in summer, and though temperatures are milder in winter than Iceland’s latitude suggests, it can be cold, snowy/icy, and dark. The right clothing is essential.

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