Kyoto, Japan

Imperial Palace/Kyoto Gyoen

The National Garden grounds of the Imperial Palace are among the running highlights of Kyoto. The always open grounds contain several km of paths, around important historic sites such as the Kyoto Imperial Palace, Sento Imperial Palace, numerous shrines, a tea house, and the Kaninnomiya Residence.

We haven’t designed a particular route, but see the attached map of the paths. It is 1.3 km from north to south and 0.7 km from east to west. There are recreational areas on the east side of the park. There are lovely gardens and the area is well maintained and manicured. There are cherry blossoms in spring.

Longer Run: Just to the east of the Palace, there is nice running on the Kamo River, mainly heading south. There are dedicated paths for walking/running.

Information on Sites   Information on Plants & Vegetation
  • No set route, but 1.3 km from north-south and 0.7 km east-west
  • Anywhere on grounds
  • Marutamachi Station