Istria, Croatia

Seaside Promenade Between Stoja Beach and Verudela

Lana Bukvic

This is a scenic waterfront run of up to 10 km between Stoja Beach and Verudela. Stoja is just 2 km south of Pula. There are special seaside views along this wonderful promenade,  with a surrounding vegetation of cypress, pine, and agave trees. The route is a combination of sidewalk and dedicated seafront path, with good views of the sea along the way. You can start in Stoja Beach, Verudela, or anywhere along the route. Enjoy a post-run dip at any of the popular beaches along the way, such as Hawaii Beach, Golden Rocks or Golden Bay. The are pebbly and rocky for the most part — not great for running.

Starting in Stoja, Lungomare’s coastal promenade follows the coastline for 4 km, from Valkane to Valsaline. Continue along the Zlatne stijene path, following the water. Fort Monsival is the half-way point along the route. Continue along the path toward Verudela. The path/route is well-marked and well-trod by locals and visitors. There are a couple of small sections where there are some stairs bypassing the hotels located right on the seafront. The route ends at the main parking lot in Verudela, with views of the luxurious yatchs and nearby Island Veruda (Fratarski otok)

Add-On: Verudela Peninsula loop.

  • Up to 10 km (6.2 miles) one-way
  • 93m (308 feet) in one-way run
  • Stoja Beach or main parking lot in Verudela